All Things Property Podcast with Hot91.1

Hear our COO Mal Cayley with Hot 91.1’s Jade Harrison sharing insights into all things property. With the Sunshine Coast property market in a state we’ve never seen before (but just as we predicted 10 years ago!) there is much to discuss and understand, so following a series of radio interviews, Mal and Jade created more in-depth podcasts so that you can gain insight into how the Sunshine Coast got to this state, what’s happening now, what’s coming in the future, and how you can leverage the opportunity.

These podcast episodes were recorded in December 2021. If you’d like to know how the current circumstances impact you and your goals, book a free consultation with our property coaches at Investor Property.

Why property forecasts are all wrong
The Sunshine Coast rental crisis
Lending money? Here’s what you need to know
The property buying panic
Slice of heaven – why locals should cash in on the new CBD
Auctions – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
What to do when you can’t do anything with property
Equity & refinancing – everything you need to know
The borders are opening – what does it mean for property
How to build a property portfolio