Optiwise – Property Development Advisory Services

At Optiwise, we support and optimise your project outcomes with unique, customised strategies by discovering your needs, identifying and minimising risk and the application of practiced wisdom to maximise your value.

We do this by facilitating, coordinating and executing the multiple disciplines within the Optiwise tool kit and those across the wider Direct Collective.

Optiwise supports property developers with:

  • Sourcing
  • Market Intelligence
  • Success risk profiling
  • Corporeal advice
  • Placemaking
  • Marketing & on-site sales
  • Sales channel management
  • Coordination of management rights solution
  • Settlement and Valuation Solutions

The traditional model of project sales employs one of three conventional means being a general real estate agency, employing a salesperson direct for the project or using a ‘marketing’ agency that purports to provide a full solution model. A true ‘full solution model’ is rarely the case, despite the apparent size of the agency, as it is greatly dependent on the region and the local team as to true capacity. In each case there are still multiple areas where the developer is reliant on understanding and delivering on a significant scope of areas relating to the sales and settlement of a particular project.

By contrast, not only do we deliver all three conventional means, we also offer a suite of services that can be applied in part or in full. Services that are embedded with a wisdom and discernment forged by robust experience and an unmatched depth and breadth of intellectual property, coupled with multiple capabilities.

All activities are executed with sales in mind and to reducing settlement risk through support with valuers and lenders, and management rights solutions that ensure confidence and cash flow for investors.

With nearly two decades in the industry and having weathered GFC, mining downturns, natural disasters, COVID-19, and many other ‘shocks’ to the market, our experience and wisdom has seen developers commit to us as the only reliable partner for a project, but also as an entrepreneurial and unique support to outcomes in times of stress. Years of experience and intellectual property through multiple projects and varied experiences has developed a depth of wisdom that cannot be forged any other way.

In summary, at Optiwise we bring everything you need to know in these areas with the ability to execute as part of Direct Collective.

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